How does it work?

How birthday

1. We create a birthday gift crowdfunding for you.

How community

2. We ask your followers, subscribers, fans, etc to fund your gift.

How gift

3. We ask your funders to choose a gift for you.

How purchases

4. We purchase a gift for you.

How delivery

5. We deliver a gift to you.

What do you need?

You need to be a blogger, streamer, influencer, or any other famous person with a social account.

How much it cost?

We are a temporary free app. It means no transaction and gift delivery fees. We will try to make it permanent. Let's see how it goes.

How to create your account?

You need to send us your date of birthday, contacts, and social accounts. We will create your profile, and you need to put that profile link on your social accounts.

How to fund a gift?

You need to download the app and to be registered with a mobile phone number, name, and email. Then you can fund a gift with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Contact us:

Phone: (833) 824-45-50


Social media: Shaker on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram